Missouri Divorce Law Pre-Trial

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Jan 10
Missouri divorce law pre-trial

Missouri divorce law pre-trialIf you are a sports fan it is likely that you have watched the pre-game coverage before your team plays. The commentators get together discuss the player line-up, stats about the teams, and make predictions on who will be victorious based on what they know about the two rivals. In many ways, a Missouri divorce law pre-trial conference is not much different.

At the very beginning of your Missouri divorce law case, the judge sets a date for a status conference, pre-trial conference, and a trial date.  By now your attorney and the opposing attorney have met with the judge about your family law case at least once, if not multiple times at status conferences or motion hearings.  Attorneys for both parties have had some opportunity to talk to the judge about their client’s position (regarding property division, custody, maintenance, etc.) as well as discuss what issues are still left to be resolved.  At this stage in your Missouri Divorce law case, your attorney should have done a number of things to prepare for trial including document gathering and discovery.

A Missouri divorce law pre-trial conference is the last opportunity for the attorneys to discuss with the judge any issues that still need to be resolved.

This gives the judge an opportunity to give guidance to the parties on how he or she believes these issues can be resolved without trial. In a Missouri divorce law pre-trial conference, all parties (e.g. Petitioner and Respondent) are required to be in attendance. Generally, after the attorneys have met with the judge, they will be given a few minutes to meet with their clients to see if a settlement can be reached. If a settlement cannot be reached in the family law case, the judge will uphold the previously scheduled trial date. This means that your Missouri divorce case will proceed to a trial. A trial which will be decided by the judge. Does this mean that you cannot still reach a settlement?  The simple answer is no, but it does mean that the expenses for your case and potential risks to your position will continue to increase. Check back for our future posts on the Pros and Cons of last minute settlements in your family law case.

Having an attorney that is well prepared and that has collected all the information for your case is important if you want to move your case along and reduce the costs in your case.  Our experienced St. Louis Divorce Attorneys can help you move your divorce forward in an efficient and affordable way and will be prepared for your scheduled conferences with the judge in your family law case.

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