I Can’t Find My Husband

By LegalPro | Divorce

Jan 16

HLAW_Family_LAW148Okay, so maybe your husband isn’t literally lost, but you don’t know where they are.  A St. Louis divorce is just like any other civil case filed in a Missouri Court in that both parties (Petitioner and Respondent) must get notice of the divorce proceeding.  Usually this is accomplished by serving a summons on your spouse by the local sheriff or a special process server.  In uncontested divorces the parties voluntarily enter their appearance.  Bottom line is that you must provide notice to your spouse of the divorce proceeding.

So how do you get divorced when you don’t know where your spouse is?  It is not uncommon for husband and wife to be separated for many years.  At some point one of them will move to another part of the country and the parties’ loose contact.  Sometimes parties want to be lost.  Whatever the reason is, if you truly do not know how to find your spouse, in St. Louis divorces we have alternative methods of service.  Usually this involves getting permission of the Court to obtain service upon your spouse by publication in a newspaper.  Our experienced St. Louis Divorce Attorneys can help you move your divorce forward in an efficient and affordable way, even when you don’t know how to contact your spouse.

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