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Uncontested Divorce as Low as $500

*Price does not include filing fee charged by the Court.

Getting divorced is no fun, but that doesn't mean the process of getting divorced has to be painful to you or your wallet. Let us help you with an uncontested divorce in St. Louis that is budget friendly, and that will not add additional stress to an already stressful situation.

About The Hartung Law Firm

Experienced St. Louis Uncontested Divorce Attorneys. Let's face it, the only people that "win" when you and your spouse fight-it-out in court are the attorneys. Getting divorced is stressful enough without having to watch the precious money you put away in your marriage go to pay needless legal fees. Sometimes a fight cannot be avoided, but in most cases it can with an uncontested divorce in St. Louis. No Office Visit Required, Fast, Affordable, Licensed Missouri Attorneys to get your St. Louis Divorce done right.

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Our Uncontested St. Louis Divorce Services

  • Uncontested Divorce with no children in St. Louis as low as $500.
  • Uncontested Divorce with children in St. Louis as low as $800
  • No Office Visit Required
  • Not Local to St. Louis? We Can Handle Uncontested Divorce Cases in Every Missouri County
  • FREE "No Strings" Phone Consultation
  • Attorney Assigned to Every Case
  • Fast and Affordable Uncontested Divorce in St. Louis
  • Gold Star Service Guarantee

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What Our Clients Say

Shane Melaugh

“I was divorced in less than 60 days”

“My husband and I had been separated for years but we just never got around to filing for divorce.  When Nate called me for my free divorce consultation I thought he was joking when he said he could get me divorced in less than two months.  My divorce was on file a couple of days after I spoke with him and about 7 weeks later he called me to tell me we where all done."

Shane Melaugh

“They took some stress out of getting divorced”

“My wife and I had already worked out most of the details about how we wanted to divide things and what we wanted to do for our custody schedule.  When it came time to move forward with filing for divorce I just felt overwhelmed with all the paperwork.  I called Nate for my free divorce consultation and he instantly made me feel better about the process.  He quoted me a fixed price for my uncontested divorce which made me feel less stressed about paying for the divorce.”