Contempt Proceedings

HLAW_Family_LAW97In simple terms, if you or your ex-spouse has failed do to something that the judge ordered you to do in the divorce – you are in contempt.  Although the Court can bring a contempt motion on its own, it is most often one of the ex-spouses that have filed a motion for contempt with the court alleging that the other spouse is not complying with the Court’s Order (i.e. not pay child support, not pay for debts ordered under the judgment, not complying with custody/visitation, etc.).

Whether you are contemplating filing a motion for contempt or whether you have been served notice that your ex-spouse has filed a motion for contempt against you, you need an experienced divorce contempt attorney to advise you of your rights and obligations.  The court has a broad set of remedies in a contempt action that range from heavy fines to jail time.  This is one area of the law where you certainly do not want to go it alone. 

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