Contested Divorce

woman refusing to sign contract or divorceIt is not uncommon for one spouse to want the divorce while the other one wants to stay together.  It is also not uncommon for spouses to fight over one or multiple issues in the divorce ranging from property division to child custody/support.  In a contested divorce, the two sides do not agree on the terms of the divorce and must hire attorneys to negotiate a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, a contested divorce will go to trial in court.  In either event, our experienced divorce attorney, Nate Hartung, can provide experienced, reliable, and trustworthy representation in your case. Experienced Divorce Attorneys:  Experience Matters.

When you face a divorce, you want an attorney who will be compassionate and attentive to your needs while being aggressive in resolving your issues. The Hartung Law Firm, LLC, and Attorney Nate Hartung are committed to providing the close, personal service that you need to get through this difficult time. We understand that few people going through a divorce can afford exorbitant attorneys’ fees. So we charge reasonable rates and work with our clients to keep expenses down on every divorce case. All new clients are eligible for a free half-hour phone consultation.

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