Estate Planning

HLAW43Many people believe that their estate is too small to be concerned about until some future time. However, with the rapid increase in real estate values, many ordinary people find themselves in possession of a significant amount of assets that will be passed on. Estate planning helps ensure that the distribution of those assets is according to your values and hopes. In addition, it can help to minimize or avoid inheritance or gift taxes.  The Hartung Law Firm, LLC, and Attorney Nate W. Hartung specializes in Wills and Trusts in Missouri. Nate has years of experience and a background in finance and business which he brings to the table. The Hartung Law Firm, LLC offers a full array of services designed to assist individuals and families in protecting assets for the next generation according to their wishes, including the following:

Wills and Trusts in Missouri

People need a skilled and attentive attorney when making a will, facing probate, or arranging a trust or living will. We are devoted to helping our clients find the best estate plan for their specific needs and how to avoid or get through the probate process as quickly as possible.

We believe in frequent face-to-face communication with our clients, and always make sure questions are answered quickly when drafting all wills and trusts in Missouri. Ours is not a large, intimidating firm. We strive to provide a comfortable environment in which people can make careful decisions. We know our clients are busy, so in most cases we are able to come to our clients home to handle their estate planning needs  Contact us to set-up a free half-hour consultation available to new clients.

Reasonable Rates for Wills and Trusts in Missouri

We recognize that many clients’ greatest fear in hiring a lawyer is the unknown question of how lawyers charge for their services and how much can they expect to pay for those services. In an effort to alleviate some of those concerns, we discuss with our clients up front how we determine fees on each case and we work with our clients to keep expenses down on every case. When assisting clients with estate planning (i.e. drafting Wills, Trusts, powers of attorney, and the like), we generally charge our clients a flat fee for those services.

For matters where a flat fee arrangement is not possible, we charge for our services on an hourly basis when drafting wills and trusts in Missouri. In these instances, you will be charged only for those services that we actually perform for you, and those charges are detailed on a monthly statement for you so that you fully understand the work and services we have performed. Additionally, we charge for our out-of-pocket expenses that we incur on your behalf for items such as court costs, filing fees, and the like.

All new clients are eligible for a free half-hour consultation. After payment of a retainer, remaining fees can be paid on an installment plan. This approach enables us to provide the best possible client service.

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss your estate planning needs. We offer free half-hour consultations to all new clients. We have on office in St. Louis and Washington, Missouri, but many times we are able to come to our clients home for most estate planning issues.

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