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Getting a Divorce in St. Louis, Missouri

Unconuncontested divorce st louistested Divorce St Louis

In these difficult economic times many people are looking for ways to save money on their divorce. Couples have several choices in Missouri to reduce the costs of their divorce. Attorneys are the only people that win if you have a trial in your divorce case.

Many of our clients choose an Uncontested Divorce instead of having a trial in their divorce case. An uncontested divorce in St Louis, Missouri occurs when both divorce parties agree on the key issues of their divorce (i.e. property division, assets/debts, dividing retirement accounts, child custody, child support) before they file their case.

An uncontested divorce saves you time and money and allows you more control during your family transition and reconstruction process.

To see if you qualify for an uncontested divorce St Louis Missouri -Call our St. Louis lawyers today for a free consultation at: 314-845-8121

Can I Represent Myself in St. Louis for my Divorce?

There are many pitfalls that you want to avoid when doing a self-represented divorce. Not all divorces qualify to use the self-represent/do-it-yourself forms provided by the Missouri Supreme Court. If you do not qualify, we can help reduce your divorce costs and assist you with an uncontested divorce. Call our office at 314-845-8121 for a free phone consultation about your divorce.

What if we don’t agree on the terms of our Divorce in St. Louis, Missouri?

In a contested divorce, you and your spouse do not agree on the terms of the divorce and you must hire attorneys to negotiate a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, your contested divorce will go to trial in the Missouri court system. Experienced St. Louis divorce lawyer, Nate Hartung, can provide reliable, cost-effective and trustworthy representation in your St. Louis divorce case.

We Can Help With Your Divorce

When you choose a legal services plan from our Firm, you will receive timely responses from our experienced legal staff. Each client is assigned an experienced family law attorney licensed in Missouri. Your attorney will provide you relevant, timely, legal advice regarding your case. It is our goal to help keep your costs down while providing you the best legal advice for your divorce case. Our intention is for your family to move through this difficult transition as peacefully and effectively as possible so that you may move on and begin your new life.

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