Legal Name Change


HLAW_Misc_3If you are considering a legal name change for you or a member of your family, the attorneys at The Hartung Law Firm can help.  We are experienced family law attorneys that can assist you with your legal name change.  We offer several options for our clients when doing a legal name change.  Most clients choose our full service approach where one of our experienced name change attorneys handles every aspect of your name change from filing to appearing at court with you.  Other clients choose a more “do-it-yourself” approach where they work with our experienced name change attorneys who assist them in the completion of the required legal name change documents.  The clients then file their case and handle their own court appearance.

Why Change Your Name?

There are many reasons adults and children want to change their name.  Many times it is a desire of a client return to a maiden name, take the name of a deceased parent, change a name of a child to be consistent with an unmarried parent, or create consistency of names in families where children have been adopted or families have been combined.  Whatever the reason, our experienced name change attorneys can work with you to make it a stress free experience.

Sometimes the opportunity to change your name presents itself in the course of other legal actions such as divorce, adoption, and paternity cases.  Our experienced family law attorneys always consult with our clients when there is an opportunity to change your name within the course of another legal action.

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