Paternity Actions

HLAW_Family_LAW24Nationwide statistics show that the rate of children born to unmarried parents continues to grow.  For some this is a choice and for others this is a result of an unplanned pregnancy.  Either way it is important to know your parenting rights and the rights of your child born to an unmarried couple.

All Things Are Not Equal

For married couples there is rarely a question about the identity of the father.  This often can become a contested issue in situations where the child is born out of wedlock.  For better or worse, in Missouri rights to custody, visitation, and support of a child born during the marriage rarely become an issue unless the parents separate or divorce.  This is not the case for children born to a couple that is not married.  Our experienced St. Louis Paternity Attorneys can help fathers and mothers navigate this complicated area of family law and help you decide the best options for custody, visitation, and child support.

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