HLAW126Each individual and family has unique needs based upon their current stage in life. At The Hartung Law Firm, we establish custom-drafted wills that pay specific attention to our clients’ unique needs. Whether you have a new baby in the family and are interested in establishing a guardianship or you have reached retirement, and have accumulated some wealth and would like to achieve some estate tax savings through the use of a more sophisticated will, we can help. Our firm provides experienced and effective representation to those who are interested in asset protection and ensuring their assets are passed along according to their wishes.

 Why should you have a will?

 Many people are under the impression that they must have a large amount of property or assets for a will to be necessary. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The following are a few important reasons to have a will—even if you do not have substantial assets.

– You can name guardians for any minor children in your will.

– If you do not have a will, your assets will pass under the laws of intestacy as dictated by state law.  Another word, the Court will determine how your hard-earned assets are distributed.

– You can avoid the cost of posting a surety bond with a standard provision in your will. If you die without this provision, an administrator must be appointed to administer your will increasing the costs of administering your estate.

– You can control the date that your children inherit assets—without a will they will inherit at age 18—an age probably too young for most children to handle substantial funds.

Our experienced Wills attorneys can advise you on your estate plan.  Many times we are able to help clients avoid the probate process entirely.  This saves money and allows their heirs to receive benefits faster and without the headache and expense associated with the probate process.

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